Landon Lasseter M.D.

Technical and Recreational Instructor

My Educational Background:

B.S. - Biology, minor Chemistry - Valdosta State University - 2008
B.A. - History - Valdosta State University - 2008

M.S. - Biology - Valdosta State University - 2012
Thesis: Computational Studies of the Cu-taxol Complex: An Analysis of Solubility and Stability

M.D. - Saint George's University - 2018
M.B.A - Saint George's University - 2019 (planned)

Dive History:

My personal dive training progression began with an open water course in Honduras, after which I took my Nitrox, Advanced, and Rescue diving courses on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Wishing to continue my dive training, I started a NAUI Divemaster internship program at my local dive shop while attending Valdosta State University. After gaining experience as a divemaster, I became a recreational instructor and technical diver, and after gaining further experience, I became a technical instructor. I offer several technical courses for experienced divers through multiple agencies. I am also certified for visual tank inspection through SCIDI.

I have previously lived in Grenada diving and teaching for two and half years. I have over 10 years of experience in the dive industry at multiple levels, from teaching all the way up to product development and manufacturing. As a technical diver I hold several certifications from multiple agencies including TDI, SNSI, NAUI, and IANTD. Certifications include but are not limited to Normoxic Trimix, Evolution/Inspiration CCR Rebreather, Optima CCR, Closed Circuit Decompression, Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Diluent (Trimix), and full cave.