Landon Lasseter

Technical and Recreational Instructor

Recreational and Technical Dive Instruction

My name is Landon Lasseter, and I am a professional dive instructor through TDI (Instructor #25033), SNSI (Instructor #24606) NAUI (Instructor #53783), and IANTD (Inactive Instructor #9340). I have been a certified diver since 2009, and became a technical diver and recreational dive instructor in 2012. I now also offer technical dive training through TDI, SNSI, and NAUI TEC. I teach in a variety of environments including both fresh and saltwater.

My personal dive training progression began with an open water course in Honduras, after which I took my Nitrox, Advanced, and Rescue diving courses on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Wishing to continue my dive training I started a NAUI Divemaster internship program at my local dive shop while attending Valdosta State University. After gaining experience as a divemaster, I decided to become a recreational instructor and technical diver. I have previously lived in Grenada diving and teaching for two and half years. As a technical diver I hold Advanced Nitrox and Normoxic Trimix certifications from IANTD, Evolution/Inspiration CCR Rebreather certifications for Decompression and Mixed Gas Diluent (Trimix) through TDI, the DiveRite Optima CCR through IANTD, and Full Cave through TDI. After gaining continued experience as both a recreational instructor and technical diver, I became a Technical Instructor and offer several technical courses for experienced divers through multiple agencies. I am also certified for visual tank inspection through SCIDI.

For my day job I am a M.D. currently working on my MBA. I am also a partner in a dive equipment manufacturing company now, Deep 6. When I have free time you can often find me out diving, either in the springs or on the coast. I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I enjoy all types of diving offered in our area, from the cave country caves to offshore wrecks. My diving activities have taken me to Honduras, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Grenada in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean around Spain, and of course all around the Georgia, Florida, and Alabama area.

Please take a look at my course listing for some of the courses I offer. Courses can be tailored and arranged to meet your specific training needs. If you have any questions please use the contact form, or my contact information, to get in touch with me. See the Gallery page for pictures and videos of some of the beautiful things you can see while diving.

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